Kim and Bryan

As I gaped at her pussy, I thought, “Oh my God, dare I hope……”When she hooked her fingers in the waist band and started pulling her panties down, I could see.“Oh sweet Jesus, her muff is exactly the same red color as her hair.”She turned around again with her ass almost in my face, the thong sunk in her crack.She bent over a little closer and to my joy and amazement, slowly pulled them down, giving me a close up view of her glorious pussy.I saw a few more auburn hairs around her slit and up between her cheeks.It was all I could do not to grab her and bury my face in that fabulous ass!

I was so mesmerized by Kim's glorious body,I hadn't noticed Bryan had already stripped down to his underwear - small black briefs that clearly showed his erection flattened against his stomach. He said, “Jack, it's your time to strip.”

“I can't stand up right now, for obvious reasons!” I croaked.

He said, “I'd be highly disappointed if you weren't wearing a hard on after seeing Kim nude. See, I am too!” As he pealed down his briefs, his dick stood straight out.I hadn't ever seen a man with a full erection before except in pictures, and I was surprised how highly erotic he looked.He wasn't massive, but maybe 7 or 8 inches long, but I was envious of it's upward curve and uniform color. The thought came to my mind the head of his cock was the same pink as Kim's nipples.

Kim said, “Come on Jack. You got to see us.It's only fair for us to see you. Be a good sport!”

I've never thought I was particularly well endowed, but what I have I'm proud to have.And at the moment I couldn't remember when my dick felt bigger or harder.So I thought, “What the hell.I'll never see these people again and they don't know anything about me.”I was self conscious, but I stripped.When I looked down at myself, I knew I'm not normally this thick when erect, and I had the sensation of straining to grow more.

Bryan said,”Bravo Jack. I see we do have your full attention!”

Kim looked at my erection and asked,”Did little ol’ me do that to you? Ha!”

Kim brought a bunch of towels to the balcony, which wasn't visible from other rooms, but had a beautiful view ofChicago’s yacht basin. Bryan opened a bottle of champagne and poured us glasses.It was plenty chilly out, but the water felt great. As I sat there, I thought,’How the hell this this happen?Am I being set up for blackmail or something?’

Kim was all over Bryan, kissing and rubbing her tits in his face.He was eagerly sucking one, then the other.Just as I was thinking I'd really made a bad decision, she came over to me and put her tit on my lips.I was powerless to do anything but lick and suck.Her nipples now looked an inch long.As I was doing that, I felt her hand reach down to explore my dick and balls.She lightly squeezed my balls and then my dick.

Then she was gone back to Bryan.My dick throbbed and while the bubbles hid exactly what we were doing, I slowly started jacking myself.Kim whispered something to Bryan and he laughed. He said, “Kim thinks you're jacking off.No jacking off in the tub.If you're gonna jack off, you have to let us watch!” I said nothing.

Soon the champagne was gone and they started to get out and towel off.I couldn't believe I was still hard after all this time, probably a record. My balls were starting to ache. We went inside with our towels wrapped around. They led me to the bedroom.Kim dropped her towel and lay down on her back on the king sized bed.She pulled one knee back and swung it back and forth, giving me a view of her red pubic hair and slit.I almost creamed at the sight.

Bryan said, “Have you ever seen a woman masturbate?”

I said,”No, not really (I'd tried unsuccessfully for years to get my wife to touch herself for me).”Kim opened her legs and started rubbing up and down her slit.Soon I could see her pink inner labia poking out and it looked slick with her juice. The lips were flared and her pussy looked like a beautiful pink tulip.

Bryan sat in a chair.Kim said,”Jack, I want you to stroke your cock for me.”I looked at Bryan and he said, “Do it for her! It makes her hot to see a man jack off!”I slowly started jacking while I watched Kim’s fingers dance in and out of her pussy and swirl around her clit, which was surprisingly large and looked very firm.

I worried I might cum at any moment and didn't want to yet, so beautiful was Kim as she spread open her legs.Then she said, “Come closer.”When I came up to her side of the bed, Kim reached out and took my dick in her hand, feeling it up and down.Her fingers were slick with her own juice as she rubbed around the head. Then she said,”I want you to suck my pussy, Jack. Now!”

I'm not believing this. Again I looked at Bryan and he nodded. “Is he gonna knock me in the head if I go down on her?” But my brain was now in the head of my cock. I got on my knees on the bed between Kim's legs and feasted my eyes on her glistening pussy.I gently opened her lips with my thumbs and breathed in her faintly musky woman smell mixed with her perfume.

I licked up and down and then lightly sucked on her clit.It was as firm as a tiny penis.I loved the feel of her soft fur on my lip and nose.All this time Kim was making little mewing sounds in the back of her throat. Then she shuttered with an orgasm, and I thought she was finished.

But to my surprise, she pulled both knees all the way to her chest.I took it we weren't through and I started licking again and before I thought about it I was licking her little pink rosebud ass hole. She really liked that, so I pushed my tongue in and out again and again.

I moved my mouth back up to her cunt and slipped my finger in her ass, slick from my tongue. Soon she was writhing her hips in pleasure.

I couldn't stand it any longer so while still on my knees I reached down and started rubbing my cock again. I felt a hand on my lower back and heard Bryan say, “Just keep working on Kim's ass, I'll take care of you.” Then I felt Bryan’s hand removing mine and grasping my dick.

I froze.I had never had a man touch me before.I started to object, but then Bryan started swirling his fingers around the head - his hand was very slippery - obviously he'd put some kind of lotion on it.Then he slowly started jacking me, his hand sliding the full length. I was so near coming I just let him do it. Bryan’s other hand reached between my legs and fondled my balls - rolling and softly squeezing.

As he continued stroking, the other hand moved up putting pressure on my perineum. I could feel a tingle all over down there. Then a finger glided over my anus.Again I froze.I felt the tip of his finger slip into my ass.The nerves in my sphincter clamped down as he wiggled his finger and slipped it in and out.The sensation was indescribable - the burning in the head of my dick and the contractions of my sphincter around his finger.

Just as I was about to blow, Kim put both hands on my head and said,”Get up behind me,” as she rolled on her side.Bryan pulled his hands away.I thought,”Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!”But somehow I didn't as the feeling backed off just a bit.

I crawled up behind her with my dick right between her butt cheeks.Kim pulled my arm over her and put my fingers on her nipple.She moaned as I lightly tweaked it.She began moving her ass up and down on me.I couldn't believe she wanted me to fuck her ass.I've never gotten to do that but have long lusted for the chance.

Just then Bryan reached in between us a rubbed some kind of lube on Kim's ass and my dick. With my hand I positioned my dick head against her hole and slowly pushed.Kim gasped but didn't pull away.In fact, she pushed back against me. Then her sphincter gave way and the head of my dick was inside!I lay there very still for her to relax further.

Then Bryan’s hand was on my ass again as he toyed with my butt hole.I felt his finger go into my ass and rub around. The sensation was electrifying. I pushed back on his finger, wanting him to probe deeper when Kim started pushing down on me again.I slipped further into her.Again she was moaning.I couldn't figure what felt better, Kim's ass squeezing my dick or Bryan fingering my ass.But now I just had to start fucking that wonderful ass.

The tingling was starting again and I felt new pressure on my sphincter.I thought it must be two fingers.Then I dawned on me, Bryan had his dick on my ass hole.He pushed and was in. He pulled back and pushed back harder.My sperm was boiling inside me.Kim pushing back and forth.

Kim opened her legs and started furiously rubbing her clit, which triggered a massive orgasm.Contraction after contraction. That's when Bryan’s dick hit my prostate. I exploded! Never in my life have I shot so much cum.Spasm after spasm, Kim's contractions milking ever last drop of cum from my balls.

Then Bryan groaned and shot hot cum up my ass.It was hot.I'd never felt my rectum so full and my balls so empty!The three of us collapsed holding each other and laying very still.But my dick was still twitching in her and so was his in me.I would have been happy to spend the next year of my life with my prick up her ass.Amazingly after such a massive ejaculation, my dick was still rock hard.

As spent as I was, I had the intoxicatingly smell of Kim’s hair next to my cheek.I just had to brush my hand over her heaving breast.Damned if her nipple didn't harden when I touched it.

Bryan withdrew and rolled on his back, a long sigh escaping his lips.I gave Kim a couple more slow thrusts, and reluctantly let my dick slowly slip out of her.I was feeling very affectionate towards them both, but then reality set in.I clapped Bryan on the shoulder and kissed Kim on the cheek and said goodnight as I left their bedroom.

Back in my room, it all seemed like a dream.That's when the enormity of what had just happened hit me.I'd never had anal sex before, although I've always wanted to.I'd never had a man touch me before, much less fuck my ass.I thought, “Am I gay? Am I bi? Will I ever be satisfied with so called ‘normal’ sex again?”

Eventually I fell asleep.I had this vivid dream.Kim was on her knees, still wearing nylons and the garter belt, but no panties.I was up over her, pushing my prick in and out of her ass. I could feel I was about to cum in her.Suddenly, she turned her head around to look at me.But it wasn't Kim's face I saw.It was Bryan's!

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Kim and Bryan